Menopause Symptoms and Their Treatments

Understand Your Symptoms And Learn How to Treat Hot Flashes, Mood Swings and Everything Else

Are you confused about your menopause symptoms? Are Hot Flashes driving you crazy? Don’t know which treatments are safe and effective? Don’t understand what is happening to you?

You are not alone!

This is what this site is all about: solutions, tips and resources about hot flashes and all the other menopause symptoms. We also give you a lot of background information so you can understand what is happening to you.

But your biggests need is probably to find the best treatments for your symptoms such as:

  • Natural Remedies
  • Alternative Treatments
  • New Developments in Hormone Therapy
  • Simple Lifestyle Changes

You had probably heard that during menopause you could expect hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings, but NOBODY ever told you about all these other things you are now going through. Some of the changes in your body are outright weird!


Have you ever felt you were
the only woman who was:
  • Forgetting everything and being afraid of having early stages of Alzheimer’s?
  • Waking up in the morning with pain in every joint?
  • Growing a “muffin top” (the bulge of fat over your pants) that does not want to go away?
  • Having absolutely no libido and being scared about losing your mate?
  • Discovering a new wrinkle every morning and HATING it?
  • Starting to count the hairs in your brush because you think you are going bald?
  • Fearing heart disease because your heart starts racing without any rhyme or reason?
  • Going through total despair and not knowing why?
  • Feeling old from one day to the next!
You don’t have to feel this way!

All too often women in menopause are still told to “grin and bear it” because menopause is a natural phase of life. Or they are brushed off with a prescription for Hormone Replacement Therapy which is handled like the hot potato it is.

But there are many effective treatments for your symptoms. You can useherbs which have been trusted by women for centuries, or use an alternative treatment like acupuncture which is getting rave reviews by women with menopause symptoms. Even the newer hormone therapies are much better than the traditional hormone treatments which were developed decades ago.

There are many options to make you feel better. So come on in and start on the path to an exciting and happy transition to the rest of your life.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
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