Menopause in an Hour

With Tara Allmen, MD



Menopause in an Hour

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Review of the DVD Set

The DVD set “Menopause in an Hour” gives you straightforward and up-to-date information about perimenopause and menopause. It features Dr. Tara Allmen, a well-known National Certified Menopause Practitioner and OB-GYN.


The DVD set includes two videos and a 44 page booklet:

  • DVD 1: An appointment with Tara Allmen, MD
  • DVD 2: What is up with you know who?
  • Guide: Symptoms & Solutions

After watching the video you will understand what menopause is all about, possible symptoms you can expect and how to treat them.

It is the only guide that I am aware of that includes a separate DVD for men to help them understand what their partner is going through and how to provide support.


DVD 1: An Appointment with Tara Allmen”


Dr. Allmen does a great job explaining the menopause transition and the various treatment options. It is really as if she is talking to YOU in an appointment.

She give an easy to understand overview of the changes your body experiences, focuses on the most common symptoms and then goes into the various treatment options. She focuses on lifestyle adjustments which she calls “living a loving lifestyle”.

She also gives a good overview about hormone therapy and helps women with the decision about using hormones. I really liked the section where she explained how to evaluate the risks associated with hormone therapy.

The DVD includes only a very brief section about herbal remedies and alternative treatment options aside from lifestyle changes. (Dr. Allmen only mentions Black Cohosh and Soy but you can find much more information inour section about natural remedies.)

A very helpful section at the end of the DVD has the personal stories of several women. It clearly shows the wide range of challenges women face during menopause and their way of deciding on various treatment options. From this alone you will learn that there is no right or wrong way to deal with this transition but many different solutions.


DVD 2: “What is up with you know who?”



The second DVD is meant for partners, family and friends who are at a loss of what is going on with “you know who”. It will help partners and friends understand the experience and challenges of women in menopause and how to deal with the changes that are so puzzling.

The DVD includes some of the same information as the first, but also solid advice on how to support and help “you know who” through the transition.


Overall “Menopause in an Hour” delivers. It gives you, your partner and family a good understanding about the issues related to menopause and what to do to get your life back.

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