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Another Alternative Menopause Therapy

Are you looking for menopause lifestyle tips or ways to deal with your menopause signs and symptoms? Here you will find some ideas thatLifestyle1_229-221 might help you using lifestyle changes as an alternative menopause therapy.


Menopause is a time when not only your body changes but you are taking stock of your life. Kids move out, careers didn’t go where they should have, marriages fall apart or are in a rut, and the wrinkles appear in earnest.

So much change happens in a rather short period, that you have a hard time coping with it all.


Lifestyel2_158-155Consider these challenges as opportunities to move into a different direction. After all what choice do you have? You can fight it and get more miserable or embrace it and make the best of it.

You will be surprised how little positive attitude changes can influence your behavior and your menopause symptoms.



Here are some tips on how to adopt a menopause lifestyle:
  • Don’t change everything at once, which will just set you up for failure. For example, if you need to stop smoking, don’t try to change your eating habits to a vegetarian diet at the same time.
  • Take some time for yourself. Meditation, Yoga or other mind-body exercises (such as Tai-Chi) will help to get a new focus.
  • Do everything you can to reduce stress in your life and learn some relaxation techniques. Stress increases the damage by free radicals and it sets specific hormonal responses in motion. Over time, the body can’t handle the constant onslaught of stress responses and reacts with diseases, and chronic conditions.
  • First and foremost - stop smoking. Smoking is a known hot flash trigger and you know that it is bad for pretty much everything else in your body.
  • Take a look at your alcohol consumption. Alcohol, aside from triggering hot flashes, contains a lot of empty calories. A glass of wine or a drink now and then is ok and maybe even good for your heart, but try to limit your alcohol consumption to the occacional drink.
  • Change your eating habits and focus on healthy choices. Avoid highly processed foods as much as possible for a first step in a Lifestyle3_156-152menopause lifestyle that includes a healthier diet. Not only will this help with maintaining or gaining a healthy weight, it helps with your symptoms and long-term health.
  • It is very helpful to make a written plan and set specific goals. Menopause is a time of transition and provides a great opportunity to for a fresh start, for changing directions or to pursue long held dreams. Your chances of achieving those dreams will greatly increase if they are written down. Look at your plan occacionally and you will be surprised how far along you have come.
    • Start a diary to write down your daily successes and failures. But don’t dwell on the bad things that happen. If your focus is on the positive, positive things will start to happen more frequently. So for every negative thing write down at least three positive things that has happened or that you have accomplished. And remeber, it’s the little things that count.
    • Exercise as much as possible. Even if you do only a little, it is better than nothing.
  • During the menopause transition, when hot flashes can strike at any moment, dress in layers and avoid known hot flash triggers (such as hot drinks, caffeine, spicy foods etc.) We have more tips about easy hot flash relief here.

Don’t expect for any alternative menopause treatment to have an immediate effect. Changing habits that have accumulated over a lifetime is NOT easy. Very likely you will experience set-backs when you try menopause lifestyle changes. But cut yourself some slack and do the best you can. Even little changes will make a difference.



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