Low Menopause Sex Drive

10 Ideas to Turn On Your Low Libido

It is perfectly normal for women to have a low menopause sex drive, especially during pre-menopause.

Over 33% of women report lower sexual desire when they enter menopause. And that’s just those women brave enough to talk about it! But knowing that you are not alone does not put the fun back into the bedroom.

Women’s libido is a complex issue and has many contributing factors. Emotional, psychological and physical issues all play a role.

In that regard, men have it much easier – as long as their body cooperates, their mind is usually not a problem.

Women are much more complex. So don’t wait for the miracle pill to boost your low menopause sex drive. Have fun experimenting! That alone will make a difference in your libido.

Sex After Menopause- How to Make it the Best Ever

So here are the 10 ideas to boost your low menopause sex drive and put the spark back into your love life.

This list is not in any specific order. Only you can find what works.

  1. ArginMax - a proven supplement for low libido
  2. Zestra - if you rather use a topical
  3. Damiana and Yohimbe - two herbs that turn lukewarm into sizzling
  4. Motherwort - the menopause woman’s best friend
  5. Vitamin E - multipurpose vitamin for menopause and libido
  6. Zinc - to give your lagging testosterone a boost
  7. Pilates and Yoga - Exercises with great additional benefits
  8. Pomegranate and Chocolate - Foods that satisfy
  9. Romantica - Not your typical romance novels
  10. Acupuncture - Menopause treatment with sexy side effects

The female equivalent for the “little blue pill” is still elusive (Although some women are known to use Viagra for themselves). However, there are several remedies and herbs that can help your libido (such as female ArginMax).

Lubricants and moisturizers are important to help with a common problem in menopause - Vaginal dryness causes not only painful intercourse, it can also cause vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Numerous foods are known aphrodisiacs. Everybody has heard about oysters! But every protein rich food can help with the fun times. BTW: Have you ever wondered why Aphrodite, the goddess of love, is often depicted with a pomegranate?

These are just some of the categories you can use to help your low menopause libido. Just follow the link to the next page at the end of the article for a lot more ideas, information and resources.

Post menopause sex is better than ever for some women. Let’s make sure you are one of them!
What Causes Menopause Libido Problems?

Females are complex creatures when it comes to sex. Compared to their male Libido_ErosCreamcounterparts of the same age group, women can’t just swallow a little blue pill to fix their plumbing problem (Although some women are known to use a little Viagra now and then).

Women’s sexuality is more complicated than that and many reasons lie in the “mind over body” category.

The low menopause sex drive has two aspects.

  • Desire (libido)
  • Arousal

Solutions for low menopause sex drive have to look at both:

  • Arousal issues are often caused by estrogen deficiency and vaginal dryness.
  • Libido issues can be hormonal, or emotional and psychological – or (most often) a combination of all factors.
Doctors have a name for low libido:
If your lack of desire causes undue distress and leads to problems in your life, it is called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or HSDD.

Low sexual libido is not a disease. Only you can decide what “normal desire” is. There is absolutely no definition or norm.

Aging is a big part of the problem. But this generation of woman is certainly not satisfied with fading gently into the sunset. So check out the solutions if you are looking for ideas to wake up your hibernating libido.


 Women are hoping for an FDA approved drug soon. Currently two drugs are in clinical trials that avoid the hormonal route and work on the central nervous system.

But because female sexuality is such a complicated issue that goes way beyond the physical aspects, women will always have to experiment with different individual solutions to find what works.

The good news is:

    • There are finally some good studies underway that address sexual dysfunction in women of all ages to give us more answers.
  • Menopause is the perfect time to shed some old inhibitions and stop being driven by fear. Post menopause sex might be better than ever (true for a good part of women) if you take action. No worries about pregnancy, no kids at home, and fewer inhibitions are all positive things for healthy intimacy.
And most important: Have fun experimenting with different solutions!
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