Menopause Sleepwear and Other Ways to Stay Cool and Dry

Are you looking for menopause sleepwear, wicking pajamas (also called hot flash pajamas), or wicking sheets? Are you trying to find ways to finally stay cool and dry at night so you can sleep?

You have 2 basic options to deal with the clammy and soaking wet pajamas and sheets when the night sweats strike:

  •  Fabrics that are wicking the moisture away from the body
  • Systems that prevent sweating by keeping the body cool

The first option include wicking pajamas (also called hot flash pajamas) and sleepwear. These are made from specific fabrics to wick the sweat away from the body.

The same idea is behind special sheets and pillow cases made from these fabrics.

Another option is a personal cooling system such as a bed fan or even more luxurious – a cooling mattress pad or pillow. Or you can combine these ideas for a sure way to FINALLY stay dry during the night.

Menopause Sleepwear

31z5LRf1KwL._SL110_The fabrics in wicking pajamas and nightgowns are designed to give the feeling of being cool by wicking the sweat away from the body.

The sleepwear and sheets are made out of either bamboo fabrics or fabrics used for active wear (like Coolmax, Tactel and Powerdry). These are the new fabrics that are now used in a lot of sportswear.

You can even buy an oversized athletic shirt made out of this kind of fabricand use it as a nightshirt for an  inexpensive alternative. Avoid anything with big lettering, as this can scratch and itch at night.

For those women with sewing talents: You can get the material and make your own wicking pajamas and sheets.

A subcategory of menopause sleepwear are specialty sheets and pillow cases made out of wicking fabric.



Keep Cool when the Night Sweats Strike

While wicking pajamas will help with the wet and clammy feeling from sweating during the night sweat attack, they will not keep the body cool and comfortable to prevent the sweating.

To accomplish this, you need something to help keep your body cool and dry in bed, either by using a cooling mattress pad or by keeping the air flowing under your bedcovers.

The best devises we found to keep your body cool and dry during the night are The Bed Fan and a Mattress Pad called Chili Pad.

Both devices are for individual use. These methods also help with a problem caused by ceiling or table fans: while you may be comfortable, your partner might complain about freezing or being blown away when the fans are set on high.

Bed Fan

51hLZikqzxL._SL160_The Bed Fan is a very ingenious personal cooling system to help cool the body and to avoid soaking bed sheets and nightclothes by keeping a soft breeze going through your sheets. It is an individual fan that creates a gentle airflow between the sheets.

You can place it either at the food or on the side of the bed. The air flow gets rid of the build-up body heat trapped under the covers and prevent the wet pajamas and sheets which are a problem with night sweats.

The Bed Fan keeps the body dry because it directs the air where its needed - directly to the body, not outside the covers. It has two fans and the fan speed has a continuous adjustment. The control can sit on the bed site table or under the pillow.

Chili Pad and Cooling Pillow

41sEFi-SWML._SL110_Another personal cooling system is the Chili Pad Bed Temperature Control System. It is a special mattress pad with adjustable individual temperature settings. This is by far the most luxurious and comfortable option. The mattress pad fits on top of your existing mattress.

The temperature is adjustable from 46 to 118 degrees in 1 degree increments. It is available as  for one individual or as a complete mattress pad for the whole bed with dual zone controls.

You may just try a cooling pillow such as the Chillow Comfort Device for a less pricey option.

Combined with a hot flash pajama, the cooling pillow might just keep you cool enough to sleep through the night.

Together with some herbs that can help alleviate your night sweats, your restless nights will hopefully be a thing of the past.

Have a Good Night!

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