Menopause Treatments

Understand Your Options Like a Pro

There are so many menopause treatments but choosing the right one can be daunting.

But how in the world can any woman that is not a medical professional make sense out of all the different treatments that are available?

Here you will find information about all your different options as well as their pros and cons.

As there is a lot of information, let’s break it down into the four major categories:

  1. Natural Menopause Treatments
  2. Alternative Treatments
  3. Hormone Therapy
  4. Drugs used for Menopause Symptoms

We will give you a quick overview over each of these options and at the end of the article we will point you to much more detailed information about each one.

Menopause treatments are a complex issue, and unfortunately there is no “miracle pill” that would cure all your symptoms once and for all.

But you will see that there are numerous methods to get help for your symptoms. You just have to decide which option will fit your circumstances and preferences.

As there is a lot to cover and you are probably eager to find the best treatment for your symptoms, let’s get started.

Natural Treatment for Menopause

By far the most popular method for treating your symptoms is with natural treatments.

You can choose either an herbal supplement with individual herbs or one of the many options that contain proprietary mixtures.

Another great way for using natural treatments is the many recipies for home remedies.

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Herbs and other natural remedies are great options to treat your symptoms. The downside to herbs or other natural remedies is that it may take a while before the maximum effect can be felt.

For some of the milder herbs (i.e. Evening Primrose) it can take up to 8 weeks. However most women can feel some relief within 7 – 10 days.

Natural menopause treatments are safe if you follow the correct dosage and get familiar with side effects and drug interactions. Please check with your doctor before starting any herbal therapy.

Alternative Menopause Treatments

Alternative treatments for your symptoms include everything fromacupuncture to relaxation therapy to nutrition and exercise.

Several of the treatments can, and should be, used in conjunction with any other herbal or hormone therapy.

Menopause is a time of great changes and second chances. After all, it is the beginning of the third phase of our life that lasts until the day you die – so let’s take this opportunity to get on a path of well being and health

Some women have battled their symptoms successfully with nothing but exercise. It may not work for your symptoms, especially if they are severe but any exercise program, even just a 15 minute daily walk, will influence menopause treatments positively.

Whatever treatment you will choose, learn at least some simple stress relieving techniques like deep breathing exercises. You can do them anytime and anywhere. With some practice they may even stop hot flashes (or at least make them manageable). It doesn’t get more natural and simple than that.

So check out the information about alternative menopause treatments with information about these and many other choices. See which of these you can incorporate into your life.

Hormone Therapy

Another interesting aspect to any menopause treatment is using your body’s natural rhythm. Check out the article about biorhythms for more information.

Hormone Therapy is still the gold standard in conventional medicine (and the only FDA approved treatment). When women complain about menopause symptoms to their doctors, they are commonly sent home with a prescription for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). However, only 40% of these prescriptions are ever filled. There is so much negative news about HRT that many women are scared off trying hormones.

Today, women have more options about HRT than ever before:

  • Traditional HRT with synthetic hormones that have been around for 50 plus years
  • Natural hormone therapies either with FDA approved medications or through compounded bioidenticals.
  • Different methods for using hormones like patches, pills, creams or even pellets. 

But before you can make a decision, you still need to consider things like:

  • Understanding the risks and benefits of hormone therapy
  • Which kind of hormone therapy is right for me?
  • Which hormones should my therapy include?

Because this is such an important topic go to the series of articles about hormone therapy here.

Drugs for Menopause Symptoms

In some cases, health professionals prescribe medications for menopause symptoms that were originally developed for other conditions. This is done because the women’s health history indicates it, or it is the only option that will help with the symptoms.

There are numerous medications that are used for this purpose. Most common are antidepressant drugs like Effexor (Venlafaxine) or Paxil (Paroxetine).

But drugs that were developed for high blood pressure and even epilepsy fall into this group.

If you want to know more about menopause medications, follow this link.


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