Natural Remedies for Menopause

Herbs and Other Natural Treatments for
Effective Symptom Relief

Like so many women you are probably looking for natural remedies for menopause because you are scared about taking hormones.Nat_Rem_Meno_1

But where to start? What choices or options do you have?

Here we are looking at 5 different treatment options to relieve your menopause symptoms naturally:

  1. Menopause supplements
  2. Herbs for menopause
  3. Chinese Herbs
  4. Home remedies
  5. Menopause vitamins

Which of the natural remedies for menopause you choose depends on your personal preference, your symptoms and the stage of your menopause transition. Some women like the ease of using a pre-mixed menopause supplement and that may be all you need to deal with your symptoms.

Others like to have more control over what they take, and prefer individual herbs. You can choose individual herbs for specific symptoms or take them to boost the effectiveness of your supplement.

You can even use individual herbs to make your own home remedies. Home remedies for menopause can be very effective and inexpensive (plus they’re fun!).7

Menopause Supplements

Natural supplements for menopause are extremely popular because they require only one remedy to take care of most of your symptoms.

Most of these supplements have been around for a while and data about their safety and effectiveness are readily available. For example, Remifemin, the most popular supplement for menopause, has been around for over 50 years and was subject to over 15 clinical trials.

But new discoveries are always made. Just recently researchers found the most powerful plant estrogens to date and now there is a new supplement on the market that contains this substance. It shows great promise not just for menopause symptoms but also for heart health and cancer prevention.

Some of supplements work best if you add them as soon as you feel the very first symptom in perimenopause to balance your hormones. One example isEstrobalance, which is especially helpful during perimenopause.

Chinese Herbs for Menopause

Have you ever thought about Chinese herbs for menopause? They are quickly gaining in popularity and many women report good results especially if they are combined with acupuncture. This is also a great option for women who can’t use hormones (usually because of their health history such as breast cancer).

There are some well known Chinese herbs for menopause such as Dong Quai (Chinese Angelica) or Asian Ginseng, but most practitioners would use a mixture of Chinese herbs based on the patient’s overall health.

There are numerous menopause supplements on the market. Check the ingredients carefully so you understand exactly what you are getting.

You can find information, reviews and resources for several popular supplements when you follow the link at the end of the page.

Herbs For Menopause

There is a long list of herbal menopause remedies but the herbs can be divided into several categories. This will help you with the selection. In essence, you find herbs that contain

  • Natural plant estrogen (or phytoestrogen)
  • Herbs that fight the negative effects of stress on the body called adaptogens
  • Herbs that balance your hormones.
  • Herbs that address specific symptoms

The choice depends on your personal preference and your symptoms.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Phytoestrogen is produced by plants and has a similar chemical structure to the estrogen found in our body. If you are looking for natural estrogen replacement, phytoestrogens are a great option.

Some herbs have large amounts of anti-oxidants to help the body fight the negative effects of stress. Anti-oxidants also ease the damage from free radicals that can cause premature aging, wrinkles and serous illnesses (i.e. heart disease and cancer).
Black Cohosh is the most popular and well known herb for menopause and is especially helpful to treat hot flashes. It is one of the herbs that balance your hormones naturally. (It does not contain plant estrogen as previously thought but works very differently).

Because there is so much information about this topic, we have a separate article about menopause herbs. You will find the link in the right column.


Home Remedies for Hot Flashes and Menopause

You can use home remedies for menopause either to support your other treatments or you can use them as a stand alone natural remedy for your symptoms. For example, there are numerous herbal teas that are beneficial for women in menopause, but that may not be enough to help with your hot flashes.

On the other hand, if you make your own tinctures (for example Motherwort Tincture) or do the apple cider vinegar cure, your symptoms might just disappear.

There are so many recipes for home remedies for menopause, that we collected some of the best in two separate articles. Here are the two links:

Give them a try!

Menopause Vitamins

Menopause is a time of great stress for your body. Stress in general depletes vitamins and minerals quicker. So look at your vitamin and mineral requirements, especially when you hit the big 50. Some vitamins are themselves natural remedies for menopause and can help with hot flashes and other symptoms.

Your general health and lifestyle determines which additional vitamins are important. Unless you have special health requirements or know that your diet or lifestyle leads to a deficiency in specific vitamins, it is best to take multi-vitamins. There are special multi-vitamins for women in menopause.

In general, women in menopause may require extra vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C and E plus Calcium. But overall, vitamins that are important to make every system in your body work in harmony.

A Final Word about Natural Remedies for Menopause

No matter which method you will choose, keep in mind not to overdue it. Herbs and other natural remedies for menopause contain powerful chemicals (the substances that work on the symptoms). Some herbs are more potent than others and taking too much of a specific herb or vitamin might have negative consequences.

Natural remedies for menopause can cause allergic reactions in some women. If you know that you are allergic or sensitive to specific substances look for an alternative and talk to an herbalist or your health care provider.

To support the effectiveness any of the natural remedies, substitute your soda with one of the herbal teas (you’ll find recipes in the home remedy section).

Very likely you will find that there is no magical pill that will take care of all your menopause symptoms once and for all. What will work for you during the early part of perimenopause may loose its effect after you stopped having your periods (post menopause).

Hormone balancing herbs in general work best during the early part of perimenopause. Later, you may have to add a phytoestrogen. The need for additional vitamin supplements depends on your stress level, underlying health conditions and your diet.

This is one of the reasons that it is important to understand what your body is going through as you progress through the menopausal transition. The more you know, the better you can adjust the treatment for your symptoms.

So read the information about the kinds of natural remedies for menopause to get help for your symptoms and to get your life back to normal.

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