Soy and Menopause

Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Could be that easy? “Eat soy and menopause symptoms disappear!”These are the promises you read when you look at Soy Isoflavone DYK_Soy_GMOSupplements. Additionally you would get stronger bones, better skin, loose weight, and experience a myriad of other health benefits.

Soybeans have a multitude of beneficial compounds such aslecithin, fiber and antioxidants. A true miracle-food!

And these supplements promise all the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy without the risks! During perimenopause a soy supplement should help with hot flashes. And postmenopause it should help to prevent heart disease and osteoporosis.

But are these claims really true?

Theoretically, your symptoms should get better due to the isoflavones (a kind of weak natural estrogen) in soybeans. Menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats but also vaginal dryness and others, are (at least partially) caused by low estrogen.

Soy_plantAll these questions and issues will be discussed in much greater detail in the following articles:

  • We investigated Soy Supplements to find out if Isoflavone supplements are safe and effective. We also wanted to know if there was a difference between products from different manufacturers.
  • We also wanted to know what research has shown about Soy Estrogen and if it is safer than female hormone therapy. After all, Isoflavones are sold almost as natural hormone replacement therapy.
  • What about the warnings regarding Soy and Breast Cancer. If Isoflavones act like estrogen and estrogen can cause breast cancer, what is the relationship between isoflavones and cancer?
  • We investigated the basics: What is Soy? to find out about benefits and uses for menopausal women.
A Final Word About Soy and Menopause

Soy and Menopause is a very important issue with many open questions. It promises many health benefits for women in menopause, but there are also side effects and risks to be considered, especially when women use isoflavone supplements long term.

So check out the different articles to find out how you can benefit safely from this remarkable plant.


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