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Supplements for Hot Flashes


Learn more about  hops for hot flashes here.

The Life Extension’s Natural Female Support contains 120 mg of standardized Hops Extract (144 mcg of 8-PN) plus an additional lingan (a different class of phytoestrogen) from the Norway Spruce tree.

The combination of these two ingredients complement each other for maximum benefit.


DHEA is associated with a reduction in hot flashes, improved skin function and weight loss. If you are looking primarily to loose weight, use the 7-Keto DHEA supplement.

25mg of DHEA. This is a lower dose than some other DHEA supplements which is better to test the effect on your body.

If you want to take higher levels, it is advised to do a hormone test to check your DHEA levels.


7-Keto is one of the active metabolites of DHEA but does not accumulate and does not effect hormone levels.Dr. Oz recommends to take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening.




Testing for your level of DHEA gives you a baseline before starting the supplement. It also helps to test periodically to avoid DHEA levels that are too high.

You should consult with a health care provider to get guidance before using a home test.

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